Táifēng & the Motorway Saint - HD | Colour | 60min | 16:9 | Stereo | Mandarin Chinese, English with English Subtitles | Taiwan & Scotland | 2017 (Upcoming)

Hell Valley  - HD | Colour | 9min | 16:9 | Stereo | No Dialogue | Taiwan & Scotland | 2017 (Upcoming)

HAME - HD | Colour | 30min | 16:9 | Stereo | No Dialogue | Scotland | 2015

boneshaker - HD | Colour | 16min 5s | 2 x 16:9 & 32:9 | Stereo | English | Scotland | 2015

The Terrestrial Sea - HD | Colour | 46min 40s | 2 x 16:9 & 32:9 | Stereo & 5.1 Surround | English | Scotland | 2015

Mirror Lands - HD | Colour | 67min 42s | 16:9 | Stereo | English | Scotland | 2014



2016 Artist in Residence, Taipei Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan

2016 Composer in Residence, CMMAS, Mexican Centre for Music and Sonic Arts, Morelia, Mexico

2016 Cryptic Residency, Cove Park, Argyll and Bute, Scotland

2014 Artist in Residence with Emma Dove, The Stove Network, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland

2013 Artist in Residence with Emma Dove, The Lighthouse Field Station, Cromarty, Scotland

2012 Artist in Residence, Recoat Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland

2012 Sublime Artist Residency, IOTA and The University of Aberdeen, The Lighthouse Field Station, Cromarty, Scotland



2017 Táifēng & the Motorway Saint -  A two-screen expanded film and sound installation. A Cryptic commission for Sonica

2016 Beyond Borders Award - Oscillon Response. PRS for Music Foundation

2015 HAME - Film and multi channel sound installation over two floors and building exterior. Includes the films "HAME" and "boneshaker". Commissioned by The Stove Network, supported by Creative Scotland and Dumfries and Galloway Council

2015 Oscillon Response - Original music and accompanying films for audiovisual performance. A Cryptic commission for Sonica, supported by Creative Scotland’s Quality Production Fund, Cryptic, Sanford Museum, PRS Foundation, Taipei Artist Village, British Council & The Oscilloscope Museum

2014 Award for Creativity - Mirror Lands. IFFEST, Bucharest, Romania

2014 The Terrestrial Sea (Version II) - Short film for installation, audiovisual performance and theatrical release. A Cryptic commission for Sonica, supported by Cryptic, IOTA, The University of Aberdeen, CMMAS, Anglo Arts & Important Records. A development of sound work of the same name originally composed during 2012 “Sublime” Artist Residency with IOTA & The University of Aberdeen’s Lighthouse Fields Station, Cromarty

2013 Mirror Lands - Feature length film and original soundtrack for cinema installation and theatrical release. Supported by The National Lottery though Creative Scotland's Imagining Natural Scotland Fund, The University of Aberdeen, Cryptic and Time Released Sound

2012 The Terrestrial Sea (Version I) - Original music and site specific installation. Commissioned by IOTA & The University of Aberdeen, supported by Creative Scotland, IOTA, The University of Aberdeen, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Gamma Proforma



2016 Grubs the size of thumbs | Album | DL | li_Series | Broken20

2016 The Terrestrial Sea | Album | CD, DL | Important Records

2016 Branch Line Peninsula | Remix Track | CD | Concrete Antenna Remixes | Random Spectacular

2015 Mirror Lands Original Soundtrack | Album | CD, DL | Deluxe, Standard Editions | Time Released Sound

2015 Imagining Natural Scotland | Book | pp. 106-121 | Creative Scotland

2015 Clemens | Track | Rewire Box Set | Vinyl, DL | Gamma Proforma/Touchin’ Bass

2014 Mirror Lands Original Soundtrack | Album | CD, DL | Soft Error

2013 The Loneliness Machines | Track | DL | Gamma Proforma

2013 Futurism 2.0 | Book | pp. 127-132 | Gamma Proforma

2012 See No Evil | Book | pp. 31,73 | EPM/Tangent Books

2011 Bit Rot | Album | DL | Gamma Proforma

2011 Automated Deception | Track | DL | Tiny Casino | Gamma Proforma

2007 Graffiti Planet | Book | p. 108 | Alan Ket | Michael O’Mara Books



2017 Mirror Lands (Screening), International Symposium of Sound and Music in Documentary Film, The University of Huddersfield, England

2016 The Terrestrial Sea (Installation), Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, Borders, Scotland

2016 Mirror Lands (Screening), Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland

2016 Mirror Lands (Screening), Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Aberystwyth, Wales

2015 Mirror Lands (Screening), Sonica, Glasgow Film Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland

2015 HAME (Installation), The Stove Network, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland

2015 The Terrestrial Sea (Screening), Voices from the Water International Film Festival, Bangalore, India

2015 The Terrestrial Sea (Installation), EAFS Environmental Arts Festival, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland

2015 Mirror Lands (Screening), Random Film Festival, Gdynia, Poland

2014 The Terrestrial Sea - Version II (Installation), Premiere, Multiplicidade Audio Visual Festival, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

2014 Mirror Lands (Installation), Premiere, "Cryptic Nights", Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow, Scotland

2014 Mirror Lands (Installation), Inverness Museum & Gallery, Inverness, Scotland

2014 Mirror Lands (Screening), IFFEST, Bucharest, Romania

2014 Mirror Lands (Screening), UMEA European Film Festival, Gothenburg, Sweden

2014 Mirror Lands (Screening), Voices from the Water International Film Festival, Bangalore, India

2014 Mirror Lands (Screening), The Village Festival of Sustainability, Milan, Italy

2012 The Terrestrial Sea - Version I (Installation), Sublime Residency, Cromarty Lighthouse, Cromarty, Scotland



2016 Oscillon Response, EXPO Dome, Taipei Expo Park, Taiwan

2016 Grubs the Size of Thumbs (Improvised), Ting Shuo Studio, Tainan, Taiwan

2016 The Terrestrial Sea (Surround Sound), Filmhouse Cinema, Made in Scotland Showcase (3 dates), Edinburgh Fringe, Scotland

2016 The Terrestrial Sea (Surround Sound), CMMAS, Mexican Centre for Music and Sonic Arts, Morelia, Mexico

2016 Oscillon Response, Sound Festival, The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen, Scotland

2016 Oscillon Response, DMC- Dumfries Music Convention, The Stove Network, Dumfries, Scotland

2016 Oscillon Response, The Spree Festival, Paisley Arts Centre, Paisley, Scotland

2016 Oscillon Response, From Now On Festival, Chapter Arts, Cardiff, Wales

2016 Oscillon Response & The Terrestrial Sea, Sonica at Kings Place, London, England

2015 Oscillon Response, Premiere, Sonica Festival, Mitchell Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland

2015 The Terrestrial Sea, Sonica Festival, Glasgow, Scotland

2014 The Terrestrial Sea - Version II, Premiere, Multiplicidade Audio Visual Festival, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

2013 The Terrestrial Sea - Version I, Sublime, Inverness Cathedral, Inverness, Scotland



2015 Radiophrenia, Temporary Art Radio Station, CCA, Glasgow, Scotland

2015 Foundsoundscape, Live Radio Collage curated by Janek Shaefer, Online

2014 Rewire, Gamma Proforma TD, Edinburgh, Scotland

2013 Transmission Drift, ISSTC, Dún Laoghaire, Ireland

2013 Soundscaping, “Frequency Shift”, SWG3 Studios, Glasgow, Scotland



2012 Last Days of Analogue with Stephen Hurrel, Online